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Violet Flame Chakra

DAZL Hair & Beauty

Treatments at DAZL Hair & Beauty in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.



Contact me if you would like to book an appointment.  diana@dianasavil.com   07482 298997 (Text only please; thank you.)


The following treatments are available at DAZL:

Reiki Healing learn more
Gentle healing energy, enabling increased wellbeing.
1 hour / £40

Tarot Reading learn more
Clarity, confirmation and inspiration through the Tarot.
1 hour / £60

Channelled Guidance learn more
Channelled Guidance from the Ascended Masters
1 hour / £60

Chakra Bowl Meditation 

Simple to learn, this meditation enables you to effectively manage the energy in your chakras – enabling wellbeing on all levels.

Our seven main chakras (subtle energy centres) influence our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  When the energy within them is plentiful, and flowing freely, we are energised, up-beat and positive.  When one or more chakra is blocked, or low in energy, we feel sluggish, slow, and out of sorts, and physical symptoms can develop.

The Chakra Bowl technique enables you to connect to each of your chakras, and to assess their overall condition and the quality and quantity of energy within them.  Using a simple visualisation process, you are able to increase the quantity of the energy, and improve its quality, and the condition of the chakra as a whole.

With regular practise, the state of your chakras continues to improve, allowing you to enjoy raised energy levels and greater wellbeing.  A further benefit is that the more you practise, the more rapidly your chakras respond  – until you are able to energise them all with a single breath!

One session is sufficient to learn this simple technique, and notes are provided for your future use.

I also offer this meditation at my home and at Horam Natural Therapy Centre.

Chakra Bowl Meditation
1 hour / £40