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The Healing Art of Setsukido

This unique Japanese massage is a treatment like no other. As well as relieving stress and providing help for muscle pain through massage, Setsukido enhances and aligns the energy within your body, refreshing your whole being.

The Practitioner channels Ki into your body as they are massaging. This penetrates deep into the tissues, driving out negative energy that has been held there, and cleansing and revitalising you. Many clients report feeling “lighter, brighter and clearer” at the end of a session.

Setsukido therapy works with the subtle energies within your body, rebalancing and aligning them, bringing you into a state of clarity and harmony.

Setsukido massage can relieve long-term conditions, be they mental, emotional or physical, by accessing the root cause of the condition, and eliminating it.

Setsukido treatments

During a course of Setsukido massage treatments, old, stuck energy will be cleared from your body. This will lead to increased vitality and a brighter outlook as your physical and emotional energy levels rise.

Relieving symptoms

Through the Setsukido treatments we can also access the root cause of many of your symptoms and conditions. Old emotion (the root cause of many symptoms and conditions) is held within your body. By releasing this old emotion from your body the symptoms and conditions improve and often disappear.

Clearing emotional blocks

In addition to releasing the root cause of some symptoms, be they mental, emotional or physical, Setsukido massage and energy-work can clear blocks in the energy flow within your body. By working with the meridian system, as used in Acupuncture, blocks in your subtle energy system can be found and cleared.

These energy blocks often relate to blocked emotion, making you feel emotionally low and weak. By clearing these blocks, and boosting the flow of subtle energy through your body, your mood is lifted, and your positive outlook on life is restored.

The subtle energy system supports your physical body, so an increase in the flow of subtle energy also improves your physical condition, bringing further relief from symptoms and a greater feeling of wellbeing.

Other benefits of Setsukido treatments:

Spinal and hip realignment

In addition to massage and the release of old energy, the Setsukido practitioner can facilitate realignment of the spine and the hips. By realigning the physical body, the energy within the body flows more freely, easing symptoms and raising emotional energy levels.

Clearing issues from childhood or past lives

Issues from past lives or childhood can be cleared using a specific technique to access these hidden memories. By connecting with them, the old emotional energy associated with these memories is released, enabling you to move forward with greater freedom, and understanding.

Relaxing massage for the abdomen

A massage technique known as “The Inner Ocean” is a wonderfully relaxing massage of the abdomen. This area is often neglected in massage treatments, and many people hold considerable tension there.

Setsukido massage, combined with the focus of Ki on any energetic blocks, brings about relaxation and the increased flow of energy within the abdomen. This is beneficial for many forms of digestive disorder.

Sometimes this area can feel tender, and then the massage pressure can be reduced, and the flow of Ki into the area increased, still enabling the full benefits of the Setsukido treatment to be experienced.

Spiritual development

Setsukido treatments can considerably assist you in your spiritual development. By consciously connecting with old patterns, and choosing to release them, through the process of the treatments, you gain greater knowledge of your whole Self.

In addition, by clearing old energy from the body, and continually replacing this with high level, transformative Ki throughout the sessions, your energetic frequency, or vibration, rises. This raises you beyond old ways of being and moves you into new levels of awareness and understanding.

In these times of change, as we move through our Ascension process, many people are experiencing unfamiliar physical symptoms as their bodies adjust to the new energetic frequencies around us. Joint pain, aching muscles, unexplained fatigue and disturbed sleep patterns can all be a consequence of changing energy. The emotions can be affected too, with a sudden feeling of sadness, or spontaneous bursting into tears.

A Setsukido treatment can help alleviate these symptoms, clearing away the old energies and enabling your body, and your Being, to realign itself with the new, higher frequencies coming into place. By introducing fresh, high vibrational Ki into your system, Setsukido can support you as you move towards Ascension.

As the energetic environment within which the treatments are conducted is of a high vibration, you may received insights or be offered guidance during the course of a treatment.

If you are ready to progress along your spiritual path, then Setsukido treatments can certainly help you.

Some conditions which can benefit from Setsukido therapy:

Stress, muscle pain, anxiety, joint pain, digestive problems, emotional blocks, childhood issues, low self-esteem, phobias, allergies, low self-worth, asthma, relationship problems, headaches, emotional problems, lack of confidence, hormonal imbalance, depression, disturbed sleep, and more.

After the initial work is completed, regular Setsukido treatments at monthly intervals raise your energy levels and boost your immune system, helping you maintain a state of optimum wellbeing.

Setsukido Treatments:

I am currently not offering treatments, but please contact me if you are interested in experiencing Setsukido, and I can recommend a Practitioner for you.




Diana has the power to transform and develop. Working with her has been inspiring both in terms of Reiki and Setsukido.

Yudhistra Moodley

Setsukido is certainly something very special.

Sally Reilly

“Thank you for such wonderful treatments, the massage was extremely relaxing but the real surprise came when a two year old back problem finally received the attention it needed. I think the Setsukido treatment made me realise how many aches and pains can be down to emotional as well as physical trauma. Thanks again for your support and understanding.”

Rachel Scriven

“I thought the Setsukido treatment was incredible, it made such a massive difference to how I felt.”

Simon Jordan

“I’ve had a number of Setsukido treatments and every time it amazes me how fantastic and “alive” the sessions make me feel. Diana is amazingly intuitive and throughout the treatments I never cease to be amazed at not only the depth of her knowledge but the magical way in which she unearths those areas in need of treatment. Personally speaking, the Setsukido treatments I’ve received have enabled me to have a greater understanding of how factors such as stress and my work environment etc. affect my body and general wellbeing and ultimately how I should manage these. All in all, it is a wonderful treatment that keeps you balanced and worth every penny!”

Joanna Everett

“I have regular Setsukido treatments with Diana, and she puts me back together when I get out of balance. I didn’t want to take anti-depressants and looked for an alternative. Setsukido was the right choice for me. I always leave a session feeling I have a clean slate. I would recommend Diana to anyone.”

Jane Rose

“Being treated by Diana in different ways, such as Tarot, Setsukido and Soul Journey, made me a more understanding person and happier. Diana made me grow as a human being. She has made a huge difference in my life.”

Cristina Padovani

“The Setsukido Massage with Diana was my best treat of the year! Despite her tiny frame, Diana possessed a power of intuition and wisdom to soothe away all my concerns. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge that goes into the treatment and wish her great success in teaching this discipline to her students. I will definitely recommend people to experience Setsukido Massage, as it can relieve past trauma that has been locked away inside muscle causing discomfort that even osteopaths and chiropractors cannot shift.”

Magnus Agugu

“I first went to see Diana because I wanted a massage particularly of my back, and the ‘deep tissue’ appealed to me, I wanted something more than a superficial massage. I didn’t know that Setsukido involves the belief that emotions can be held in the body, even from past lives, and can cause health problems. If I had known that, then perhaps I wouldn’t have gone. I am a nurse trained in the medical model, and that’s not the way the body works (not so sure now). Anyway I found that the massage left me feeling really well. As well as that, a worrying symptom that was to be investigated at the hospital gradually improved and carries on improving. I have also found more subtle changes; for instance I seem to be able to tackle long-standing minor but irritating problems in my life. I’m very surprised by all this, but very glad that I have come across this form of healing. Incidentally I also like the fact that it doesn’t involve a lot of sessions but is something you can come back to whenever you feel the need.”


“I tried Setsukido because I needed a massage and also wanted to try to treat a long standing problem with my hip joints. I am amazed that, after just a few treatments, I am able to walk without pain and my hips are feeling very strong.”

Kate Wardman

“What a fantastic treatment. For a year I had problems with my neck. I tried other treatments but Setsukido was the one that worked for me.”

Kate B

“Thank you Diana, I really enjoyed not only the Setsukido massage but also your helpful thoughts. I came out of the building feeling as if I was floating on air and the clarity of my vision was amazing. I certainly felt ‘chilled’ and look forward to my next session.”

Trudi Martin

One Year Part-time Practitioner’s Course in The Healing Art of Setsukido.

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