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Setsukido Course

The Healing Art of SetsukidoThis is a one year, part-time, Practitioner’s course in the Healing Art of Setsukido. The course instructs practitioners in the basic bodywork techniques and teaches them how to raise their levels of Ki (energy) so they can help their clients in the transformational process of healing.

The course consists of one weekend each month, for twelve months.  Students are required to carry out case studies in their own time, and there is a written and a practical exam at the end of the course.

This is a certificated course, validated by IPTI.

The subjects covered will include:

  • Understanding Ki and the Chakra Bowl Technique
  • Ko-Mai (opening Ki massage techniques)
  • The Philosophy of Setsukido
  • The Five Bodies
  • Five Elements and Five Pulses
  • Tokonagi, Tokonami and Full Body Release
  • The Sacred Sacrum and Inner Ocean
  • The Meridian System (and Horizontal Meridians)
  • Vocal and Symbolic Activation of Ki
  • What Colour is Pain?
  • Whole Body Massage and Kia-Ki (elbow massage)
  • Past Life Connections and Wu-Si (Rocks in the stream)
  • Client/Practitioner Protocol

The cost is £180 per weekend.
A 10% reduction is available for students wishing to pay the full course fees in advance.

The maximum number of students is four. This is an in-depth course, where the students learn as much about themselves as the Setsukido techniques. All students have found their personal Setsukido journey to be powerfully transforming.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending the course.


Doing the Setsukido course changed my life in many positive ways. As well as learning a whole new therapy, it helped me along my spiritual journey and gave me the confidence to think seriously about becoming a practitioner – and I made some wonderful friends.


“The Setsukido course itself was an amazing journey, full of eye opening experiences, and a fair few giggles, from which I gained a great deal. The ability to practice such a unique and life changing art at the end of it is a truly awesome gift. Highly recommended!!”


“My journey to develop and heal myself led me to Setsukido and was the reason for me to train and work as a Setsukido practitioner, so that I could help others in their life journey. The course was quite a journey! An opportunity not only to learn this ancient and amazing healing technique but to discover more about myself and develop further along my own path. A great experience and I thoroughly recommend it.”



Setsukido Course Taster Day

Prior to the course beginning, there will be a Setsukido Course Taster Day. This will give potential students the opportunity to meet me, and each other, and to ask questions about the course.

Setsukido Course Taster Day

Date: tba

  • Learn to boost the flow of Ki within your body
  • Learn the Chakra Bowl Meditation
  • Practise some Setsukido bodywork techniques
  • Find out more about the course

£50 – refunded if you attend the course
Venue: East Sussex

Please contact Diana for more information.