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Violet Flame Chakra


An opportunity for YOU to develop and practise your Channelling skills.  Held in a high vibrational space, this is an opportunity for you to bring through energy and words from high-frequency non-physical Beings.  (Please note: this is not a Mediumship group.)  Email me to book your place.

Dates:  2nd and 4th Mondays of the month

Time:  11.00 – 12.00

Venue: Horam, near Heathfield, East Sussex

Exchange: £10 

Ki is the Key!

Ki is life force. It is all around us, and also within our body. The quantity and quality of the Ki within us affects everything. When it is strong and plentiful, we feel vibrant, enthusiastic, powerful. When our Ki is weak, or blocked, we become tired, listless, discontented or unwell.

The simple techniques in this workshop will enable you to easily assess the state of your Ki, and to improve and enhance it.

 – Learn to increase the flow of Ki in your body

– Assess your chakras and raise the level of Ki within them

– Explore Ki within the meridian system, and how it works

– Find out how you can direct and focus your Ki

Notes will be provided.

Date:  TBA

Time:  10.30 – 5.00

Venue:  Horam, near Heathfield, East Sussex

Exchange:  £50 


Created for those just starting on their Spiritual exploration, or for those wishing to strengthen their foundation, the workshop offers simple tools and techniques to enable you to work more effectively, and safely.  An opportunity for sharing with new friends, in a supportive and inspiring environment.

The day includes:

– Learning how to ground yourself

– Techniques for psychic/energetic protection

– Connecting with your Chakras

– Meeting your Spirit Guide

– A mini Angel Card Reading

Date:  TBA

Time:  10.30 – 5.00

Venue:  Horam, near Heathfield, East Sussex

Exchange:  £50 


An introduction to the magical world of crystals, with plenty of stones to explore and enjoy.

The day includes:

– Learn the properties of crystals

– Discover how you can use them in the home

– Experience their healing qualities

– Meditate with your chosen crystal

– Find out how to keep and cleanse your crystals

Date:  TBA

Time:  10.30 – 5.00

Venue:  Horam, near Heathfield, East Sussex

Exchange:  £50 


Where they are, their qualities, and how you can use them to enhance your vitality and wellbeing.

The day includes

– Connecting to your main Chakras

– Discovering the colours, qualities and crystals associated with them

– Learning a technique to energise your Chakras

– Practising balancing each other’s Chakras

– Grounding through your Earth Star Chakra

Notes will be provided.

Date:  TBA

Time:  10.30 – 5.00

Venue:  Horam, near Heathfield, East Sussex

Exchange:   £50 


An opportunity to connect with the Ascended Masters, learn about their qualities and gifts, and find out how they can help you.

The day includes:

– Meditation to meet the Ascended Masters

– Discover the qualities of Quan Yin, Melchizedek, Saint-Germain, El Morya, Pallas Athena and more

– Find out which Ascended Master is here to help you

– Live Channelling from the Ascended Masters

Date:  TBA

Time:  10.30 – 5.00

Venue:  Horam, near Heathfield, East Sussex

Exchange:  £50 


Exploring the less familiar Chakras, within the physical body and beyond.

The day includes:

– Learning about the additional Chakras within the physical body

– Exploring the high frequency chakras beyond the physical

– Activating your Hidden Chakra

– Meditations to experience the energy of the Chakras

Notes will be provided.

Date:   TBA

Time:   10.30 – 5.00

Venue:   Horam, near Heathfield

Exchange:   £50 


A workshop exploring the power and magic of the Moon

The Moon has a significant influence on us all. As her energy waxes and wanes, so does our own. By aligning our energy cycle to that of the moon, we are able to manage our lives more effectively.  Taking place in the energy of the Full Moon, this experiential workshop enables you to connect to the Moon in all her aspects.

The day includes:

– A Lunar Attunement

– Learning how to harmonise your energy with the Moon’s cycles

– Guidance from the Deities associated with the Moon

– A Lunar Meditation for transformation

– Initiation into the energy of the Moon Goddess Isis

– Engaging with the energy of the Full Moon to empower ourselves and our creations.

Date: TBA

Time: 10.30 – 5.00

Venue: Horam, Heathfield, East Sussex

Exchange: £50 


Learning to understand the messages in your dreams.

We all receive information through our dreams. This workshop will help you understand the messages that come to you in this way, enabling you to benefit from higher guidance.

The day includes:

– Learning about the different kinds of dream

– Receiving instruction in the language of dreams

– Exploring the symbolism of dreams

– Practising interpreting dream situations

Notes will be provided.

Date:  TBA

Time:   11.00 – 4.00

Venue:   Horam, near Heathfield

Exchange:   £30 

Divine Light Healing Course

An intensive course developing spiritual, intuitive and personal awareness.

This course is designed to lead students through the exploration and expansion of their healing, intuitive and spiritual skills. From the basic beginning – chakras, crystals, Ki – their journey takes them through Dreams, Colour, Past Life Work and Tarot, to Soul Healing and Channelling. It is a journey of development, a voyage of discovery, and for the student to benefit the most, it requires dedication and commitment.

It is a journey of joy, also. There will be laughter as we share in this magical experience of transformation.

The course is divided into eleven Teaching Weekends: Ten Modules, and a Taster Weekend. The Weekends take place close to the eight Fire Festivals in the Wheel of the Year; connection with the energy of the current place in the Wheel forms part of each Weekend.

Students are given homework between each Module: the practise of their latest skills, and a book to read, for discussion at the following Weekend.

Course content:

Each Module includes practise of a meditation technique, discussion and feedback on the students’ homework, further progress in the study of the Five Elements and the Meridian system, and exploration and practise of a variety of topics and experiences, such as:

Violet Flame Chakra Awakening  /  Divine Alignment Experience  /  Past Life Review  /

Chakras  / Auras  /  The Wheel of the Year  /  Hands on healing techniques  /

Goddesses  /  Divine Astrology  /  Archangels & Ascended Masters  /  Healing Symbols  /

Dream Interpretation  /  The Guided Journey to Self-Mastery  /  Feng Shui  /

Colour  /  Crystals  /  Tarot  /  Divination  /  Body Wisdom  /  Channelling

Notes are provided for the student where appropriate.

Taster Weekend

This weekend gives students a taste of the course, providing an introduction to some key elements, and allowing them to experience the course environment. Only those who have attended this weekend may proceed to the course itself.

Topics covered include introduction to the following:

Chakra Bowl Meditation  /  Ki  /  The Wheel of the Year  /  Crystals  /  Divination

Venue: Horam, near Heathfield, East Sussex

Student Numbers: A minimum of 5 students is required to run the course. Maximum student number is 8.

Investment: £100 per Weekend 


Course Dates:  


Tarot Courses

Two courses:  Introduction to Tarot and More Tarot Skills.  The first provides you with practical tools and techniques to enable you to read Tarot and other Divination Cards, and the second supplements and enhances your Tarot Reading skills.

Tarot Course