Diana Savil

Soul Healer




I am a Soul Healer

I work at Soul Level to release emotional trauma from this life-time and to link to past lives.  Here, further emotional trauma that is impacting on today can be released, and ancient knowledge and abilities be re-connected.  The work is transforming and empowering, moving you forward from where you are and enabling you to create the life you choose.

Soul Healing can be carried out in person, or over distance, by phone.  Working on this level, there is no separation: distance does not exist.

Experience Soul Healing in a Treatment or extended throughout a Day of exploration.

Awaken your Violet Flame Chakra and gain access to Soul Level healing tools and other gifts.

Connect to the Ascended Masters, through Healing, a Reading or Channelled Guidance.  These high frequency Beings assist the onward progress of your Soul.

Be Attuned to Reiki. Receive this energy and let it transform your Soul.

Experience a Reiki Treatment.  This healing energy works on many aspects of your Being, including nourishing your Soul.

Explore the world of Tarot.  The Cards provide guidance at many levels.  A Reading can shed light on Soul issues, and bring clarity.  Learn to work with the Cards; you will have a powerful tool for personal growth, and a skill that will enrich your Soul.

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